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Sarpen – Sweden’s most beautiful cultural treasure!

T/S Sarpen is a just over 125 years old, listed ship, which for more than fifty years has had its berth in Simrishamn. During all these years she has, among other things, sailed as a training and educational ship and thus has been a joy and knowledge for generations, young and old as well as sailors and country crabs.

During the summer season, Sarpen sails both in home waters and internationally.
Join us in a long sailing trip, a weekend tour or a half-or full-day sailing event.
Bring your family, partner, friends or colleagues.
Learn how to set sails, steer, navigate, make useful knots and cook on board.
Or enjoy the quietness when the engine has been turned off, water is lapping against the hull and the waves slowly rock you to sleep!

Join Us and let this be your best experience – ever!

T/S Sarpen

Sarpen is a 125 year old ship which is owned and operated as a training and educational ship by Simrishamn Scouts.

In addition to educational sailings, we arrange charter sailings, weekend tours as ”theme-sailings” (females only, gourmet sailings, feel-good-sailings), company sailings and other arrangements such as pirate sailings, evening sailings, weddings, baptisms, ash spreading etc. Our long tours, educational sailings, alternate between sailing around the Baltic Sea or on the West coast. These sails normally last 7-10 days. Our shorter trips usually go to a nearby harbours or to Hanö, Bornholm or Christian’s Island. We also sail short charter tours with tourists in Åhus as well as in Stralsund and Rostock where Sarpen participates in Hanse Sail.

One can therefore either sail on one of the tours we arrange or rent the boat with crew for your own arrangement. Everything from a few hours to several days.

For operation, maintenance, administration, marketing and sailing, there is a specially selected “committee” who is responsible for all these subjects. Sarpen holds certificates issued by the Swedish Transport Agency for 42 passengers.

During the winter months, Sarpen is moored in the small fishing village Skillinge, south of Simrishamn, where necessary repairs and maintenance are carried out. The work is mainly done by members or volunteers connected to the ship. More extensive hull work is carried out by the shipyard in Skillinge. These jobs are usually very expensive and in order to fund some of our winter works, the help organization ”Vår Skuta” was formed, years ago.


Sarpen, originally named Freja, is a galeas (ketch) rigged ship, which means that she has the largest sail on the forward mast. She was built in Nyköbing-Falster in Denmark 1892 and is a so called ”Marstal work”. The City of Marstal, on the little island of Ärö, was the domicile of most Danish ships during that time. Marstal ships can be recognized by their rounded bows and flat and heart-shaped sterns. In the early days Sarpen mostly sailed with cargos to Norway, sometimes to Sarpsborg, which is one of the reasons for the name she carries today.

1892  Sarpen was built
1917  Sarpen came to Sweden
1917-1962 She carried cement from the cement factory in Degerhamn, Öland, to the
1963  She was bought by Simrishamn’s Scouts and refurbished and adapted for her       
          task as a training and educational ship
1964  and onwards she has had Simrishamn as home port and sailed many different
          types of sailings


Are you interested in sailing with us? Please contact us at
We will be happy to tell you more about our tours for this season.


Seglingsschema 2021

Seglingsschema 2021

Nu är seglingsprogrammet 2121 äntligen färdigt! Så färdigt det kan bli för tillfället. Det har tagit tid. många planer har fått ställas in och ställas om. Välkomna in på sidan Segelturer eller kalender för mer information om sommarens seglingar!  

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Tack till Sarpens sponsorer!

Tack till Sarpens sponsorer!

Sarpen önskar tacka våra sponsorer! Utan sponsorhjälp är det tufft för en ideell förening att kunna erbjuda en upplevelse utöver det vanliga. Därför önskar Sarpen sända ett extra stort tack till våra sponsorer! (se länk nedan) Vår skuta XL- hans Anders Ica Simrishamns...

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